Now that I've figured out how to get contact info into the Parrot Easydrive, I find that the damn thing doesn't even work well. It's supposed to support voice commands, and I did train it, but it only seems to want to work once, at most, per power-on cycle. It seems to be able to handle multiple numbers per contact, but only sometimes will allow me to tell it to dial a different number than the default.

The sound quality is poor, and it seems to have a different volume for phone use vs command/response use. IOW, if I turn the volume up enough to hear the phone, the command queues blast my ears, but if I turn it down for that, I can't hear the phone call.

Anyone have any suggestions for a car speakerphone kit that +works+? Preferably Bluetooth so I can do voice dialing without adding extra software, and preferably "plug'n'play" so I don't have to pay an installer.