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    Is there any way to know which if any Apps can be safely deleted from the T650? For example, who needs QuickTour.

    I have Filez, but do not really know how to use it. For example, what does "Unsaved Preferences" mean and can these be deleted?

    On another note, is there a solution to the long DTMF tones in updated GSM phones other than TakePhone?

    Thanks from Canada
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    Yes. Use the Delete function from the main menu. However, some apps like QuickTour will not appear on the list as they are in ROM (Read Only Memory) and, well, you can only read them, you can't delete them. They are part of the Treo's firmware.

    Also, I would suggest not messing too much with FileZ and deleting files unless you are 100% certain you know what you are doing. Unsaved PReferences is something you do NOT want to delete.

    You may want to check out Uninstall Manager and Cleanup from Northglide ( I use these apps to manage the ton of apps I have and am very happy with the results. Uninstall Manager makes sure that when I delete an app, every associated file also gets deleted. Some apps are misbehaved and they leave all sorts of garbage behind when you delete them using the standard method (the Delete function from the main menu).
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