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    I am getting the following error when I Active Sync (using VersaMail for my corporate account on a Sprint PCS Treo 650):

    There was a problem syncing events. (Sys 05E%) Server returned error for the last comand. Status:5

    I called Sprint PCS and they suggested I reload the Palm Software and did. This worked for two days and now I have the sam error. Email works fine but reload Palm Software each time is not an option.

    Any advice for resolution?
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    I actually have my own problem that i cannot seem to fix,, I have my treo set to sync my active sync every hour,, i get my email but it says "error syncing event, try snycnig manually: or something like that, i cant get this to fix, it worked for like one day, then error message every hour! i called palm and my IT dept and they say the server is fine. please help!!!

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