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    Hi. I'm curious whether people who use Verizon Wireless Sync and might prefer a different email client might be interested in having ChatterEmail respond to VWS's push trigger (effectively allowing ChatterEmail to use Verizon's IP data and battery efficient IP push).



    p.s. I think it wouldn't be hard at all...
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    Yes, anything to conserve battery juice
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    ^ Would this also work for Cingular's XpressMail? I have heard that the next version will be IP based as opposed to SMS based to accomplish it's "push" functionality.
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    I would be very interested! You rule Marc!
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    Excellent idea Marc
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    Yup, I would totally buy this if you added this functionality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiVeyx
    ^ Would this also work for Cingular's XpressMail? I have heard that the next version will be IP based as opposed to SMS based to accomplish it's "push" functionality.
    I second this...I'd sure love to use Chatter to access my Seven mail.
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    You know I'm up for the idea.
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    Yes Yes Yes
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    Marc - would your solution work with Intellisync's carrier-independant push sync product as well? I believe the Verizon thing is actually Intellisync's re-branded.

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    Yes, probably it would. I will check...

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    How close is this to being a reality?


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    I was going to do a test later this week or over the weekend.

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    Cool. Looking forward to trying it out.
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    So help me understand the process here - if I'm a Wireless Sync user, your intent is to allow me to use the Chatter mail client, rather than the one on the ROM, correct?

    Tell me what that will give me, other than a different client (not trying to be obnoxious - I genuinely want to to know). I have full background push now, since we're using a Workgroup Monitor - does it become just a matter of mail client preference? Clue me in.....
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    That's right; some people have requested the ability to use Chatter as the client and have it recognize the Intellisync trigger.

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    The mail client in ROM plain sucks...there is no functionality. With Chatter now supporting HTML, I think the benefits are obvious. Plus, even with hours of Verizon tech support, I haven't been able to send a single e-mail - at least with Chatter I can use an SMTP server of my choice for outgoing mail. I'm anxiously awaiting Chatter to support this feature.
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    So Marc - is the plan to allow/enable to Chatter to work with WS even when WS is connected to Exchange/Notes, in the Workgroup Monitor version? Is that technically possible? thx.
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    Yes, lots of interest in a solution that would support the Intellisync Mobile Suite application.
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    Off the top of my head I can come up with several reasons to use Chatter instead of Intellisync/Verizon's mail client (I'll assume here that they're identical). In no particular order:

    1) Support. If you've gotten satisfactory tech help from Intellisync, you're a better person than I.
    2) More than 4 mail accounts.
    3) Easy support for server mail folders and near real-time manipulation of their contents.
    4) The already-mentioned HTML support.
    5) More than the last 7 days of inbox messages (though this could be me not having had it set up for longer than that).
    6) Searching of server mail stores.
    7) SD card support, rules and all the other cool stuff Marc may or may not add way before Intellisync would ever get around to it.

    My 2c...

    Oh, and did I mention support?
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