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    I have sprint, and recently signed up for their web services for my treo 600.

    The signal on the top says it's connected to the internet, yet I don't want it to be on all the time. I go to network and disconnect, yet it re-connects automatically.

    It seems to be draining the battery a lot, and I want it only to connect to the internet when I tell it to, not to connect by itself.

    Can someone tell me if that's a setting I could use or is it due to the plan I signed up for with sprint?
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    You might be automatically relogging online because you may have an email application that is trying to get your email downloaded onto your Treo for you. Do you have an email app on your Treo? If not, I am not sure, I have a Verizon and mine never just goes online for no reason. Well it does, but that's because I have set up my Aileron that way, it retrieves my Hotmail and Yahoo every 45 minutes throughout the entire day.
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    aha I cancelled my yahoo email but didn't uninstall my app on the treo

    I see if that's it
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    Yay, that did the trick.

    I'm assuming that's what the recent drain on my battery has been, it was set to check every 20 minutes.

    Normally I can go like 4 days without charging, but recently I've had to charge every day.

    Hopefully that's the only reason I've been having problems with my battery.
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    And if that doesn't work out for you or if you change your mind and want to go online or use an app that uses the network, you can always use Treo Connection Manager for the Treo 600. I used to use it when I was more mobile and less likely to recharge my Treo.
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