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    I am anxious to load Hello Moto ring tones into my Treo 650. I have it downloaded on my SD disk but how in the world can I get it to ring ?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    You have to assign it as the ring tone, within Sounds & Alerts.

    (System, Prefs,General, Sounds & Alerts.)

    I am not sure if you need any extra 3rd party software to make this assignment.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    [B]Trouble is Perry, the ring tone is not listed in the Preferences.. It is sitting in my SD card. So how do I get it into the Trreo list?
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    I remember reading a "how to" in another thread . . . . . . . . . maybe do a search on "ringtones" or "installing ringtones"

    one thread:

    another thread:

    Looks like you email the file to yourself, and when you click on it as the attachment in the email, the Treo will install it as a ringer. (edit: This did not work for me, further instructions are listed in the 2nd thread above.)
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    The .amr version I provided will appear as a normal ringtone. The .wav version is trickier to use. I use the .mp3 version with mp3ringer and PocketTunes.
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    I noticed. I tried the email route and have the .wav on my SD card, but it's a no show in the ringtones.

    holmes4: could you provide briadea a link to the .amr version and instructions?

    on the third page of the 2nd thread above . . . . (Perry)
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