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    I have been reading threads all day with no luck finding someone with my problem. I have a cingular treo 650 that i just unlocked. I have tried to install the updater 1.13 from the palmone website with out success. My phone is fully charged and connected to the charger. I am using their suggested method for installing on a phone that doesn't have enough memory (so I am using a dummy user).

    I keep getting an error after the install sync that says "the updater is not compatible with this device"

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    My firmware is 1.05
    My software is Treo650-1.04-CNG
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    You can not directly upgrade to 1.13 because even though your phone is unlocked you are still running the Cingular software.

    This thread will guide you through what you will have to do in order to apply the 1.13 upgrade. Be sure you read instructions fully before starting since as of right now there is no going back to a Cingular ROM after this is performed.
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    Outstanding! Thank you very much for your help! That thread was long, but great.
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    No problem.
    Make April 15th just another day. Fairtax
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    Sorry i do not want to sound stupid but why would one do this ??
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    Because people get tired of waiting on Cingular to update their firmware.

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