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    Yes, I've searched.

    I even read their manual. In fact, in the manual it says "At the bottom of the ‘Groups’ screen there are 3 icons on the The Ringo Mixer left hand side – ‘Add Group’, ‘Edit Group.", but I don't see it. I see an eight note and a person in the bottom right corner, but can't find any way to add a group. In fact, it's not even in the screen capture of their manual.

    Is this a limitation of the trial version, or am I simply looking in the wrong place?

    This is one program I'd really like to try before I buy, considering the countless threads of people having problems with it.

    I'm using it on a Treo 600 w/ Verizon, if that makes a difference.

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    I recently purchased Ringo Pro, so I am new to the application.

    I hunted around inside Ringo Pro and could not find a way to add a group so I did a test. I opened up my contacts and edited a contact and created a new group (upper right hand corner.) Then I went back to Ringo Pro and checked the groups (i.e. the icon in the lower right with 2 people in the picture.)

    When I did this the new group i just created in Contacts was in the list inside Ringo Pro. So i think its based on what groups are in your Contacts.

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    That seems to do the trick. Thank you!

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