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    Using a GSM Cingular phone. I recently installed ptunes which seems to work fine for shoutcast streaming HOWEVER I have noticed that any calls to my number when streaming go directly to my voicemail, I thought that on gsm the data was interupted if a call was received. Kinda puts a crimp in shoutcast if I can't get calls.

    Or do I have something misconfigured?
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    Nope....neither CDMA nor GSM will interrupt your data transmission for an incoming call. At least if there's no data being transmitted, a CDMA network will let the call go through. I don't have GSM, but I'm pretty sure you need to be completely disconnected from the least for GPRS; EDGE is prolly the same as CDMA in this respect.
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    From what I have read, GSM is more *likely* to interrupt a data connection for a call than CDMA. However, this usually occurs when you are surfing the web. If you are locked into streaming ptunes, I don't think it will allow a call to come through.

    Im sure others will chime in on this if I mischaracterized it. ;-)
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    Mmm....pretty sure I'm right. :-P
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    Ok, with a treo 650 on edge:

    If you are connected to the network but NOT transmitting data you WILL get a call.

    If you are connected to the network AND transmitting data your call WILL go to voicemail.

    Network connection is shown with the green arrows in signal strength area, this only denotes connection it does not tell whether you are currently transmitting or not.
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    However, (and I have verified this) if you are connected and streaming a shoutcast media, even though you are not transmitting any call to you will go to voicemail and will NOT interupt the stream.
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