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    So apparently given an extra day off this past weekend led to inbibing a shot called a "buttery nipple". Needless to say the damn thing is sticky and apparently I was showing off Palmy and got my styli hole all sticky. Anyone know the best way to clean this? I'm thinking slightly damp pipe cleaner?
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    How bout' a q-tip with alcohol on it?
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    Alcohol will most likely not clean sugary residue. That will take soap and water solution on the qtip swab. You may need to find some of the hospital type that are one ended and longer than a standard type in at Wally World.

    By the way, your lead description for the thread is very comical...
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    Q-tip. Good idea.

    Long q-tip. Good addition.

    Yea, you think that lead-in would have created more interest.

    Thanks for the "input" on my hole.

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