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    I have setup a virtual serial connection via com3 but my problem is that I have multiple things I would like to connect via Bluetooth serial. I use both Hotsync and PDANet, but only one can be set to that com port at a time... Is there a way to make both work all the time so I can just use both without having to enable and disable the use of the com ports as I use one and then the other??

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    Well... the short answer, as far as I know, is no. The real answer is that enabling/disabling bluetooth connections in PDAnet toggles whether or not the hotsync manager listens to the virtual comm port.

    As you can't hotsync or use a headset while the Treo is in BT DUN mode it's kind of a moot point. If you have some other device you want to connect to the PC via a BT virtual serial port go through the BT software steps to configure a second port and use it for that device.

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