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    I'm just got a Treo 650 on the Sprint Network. I actually had it for 3 days, still has the screen proctector on it. At anyrate will traveling I went into the Palm Store @ the Atlanta airport and they were showing me different features of the 650. Well the rep sent me a text message to my phone from the display phone and now every 5 min I'm getting a test txt (Spam) message from the store phone. After I figured out where they were coming from I called and they deleted my number from the phone so hopefully this clears it up but it raised a ? in my mind. I would like to be able to text colleagues or friends without neccessarily having my number sent as the sender. I know with the sprint mail you can set your email address to I did a search and this site and google and haven't seen this posed before but I'm sure someone on here thought of this. If there is anyway to text and have a screen name come up please let me know.
    Also while at it, with the Sprint Treo 650. What apps would you suggest that are essential to making a good use of my Treo. Which was purchased for primarily for scheduling, messaging, being able to receive/edit word docs while out of the office. I also want to know any key things that I should do to make my treo more user friendly and fun things I can do with it as well, any suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Have you thought about sending via the email app?

    I wouldn't even pay attention nor txt back someone who blocked who it was coming from.

    Using my treo 650 for business:

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