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    I bought an unbranded Treo 600 (Firmware: 03.05, Software: Treo600-1.12-ROW, Hardware: B) in Bangkok, Thailand about 2 months ago from a Palm reseller. No off-the-shelf phones are locked here because most people don't by the phone from the phone company. The Treo works ok, but there are some things that drive me nuts. I'm starting to think I have a buggy model, but not sure. Can anyone verify if these things are normal:

    If I do a hard reset to return the Treo to a factory-fresh state, if I go to the Info screen and scroll down, the apps don't scroll smoothly. I mean, I tap and hold the down arrow, and as the apps scroll by, it will pause and the bottom-most app will change names as if scrolling, but it doesn't actually scroll. After a few apps appear in the bottom-most position, it resumes scrolling normally. This happens 3-4 times before reaching the last app. By that time, the scroll bar on the right indicates that it's not finished and keeps advancing downwards even though there are no more apps to display. This could be a very trivial and overlooked bug, but I wonder if it's a symptom of something more problematic.

    Another problem is in finding my carrier. After a reset (intentional or not), the Treo can NOT find my carrier automatically. I have to manually select network search. Then it looks for about 30 seconds, and presents a list of one operator. From there, I switch from automatic mode to 900/1800 and click ok. I have to wait a full minute or more to get a list of operators and then select mine. I have to do this EVERY TIME the phone resets (from buggy software or whatever). It is a big waste of time and doesn't seem like it could be "normal"

    Another annoying feature is the extra accent characters and such which are mentioned in the manual are NOT available. If I press a letter and then the Alt button, nothing comes up. Some of them work, such as various punctuation marks and such, but NO accented characters. (is this because I selected English as my default language? I hope not!)

    I've also noticed that the treo crashes and resets a LOT! Sometimes I'll delete a bookmark from Blazer - crash. Sometimes I'll paste a phone number - crash. These are simple things. Why is it crashing?

    This week my built-in mail program suddenly decided it doesn't know what day it is. It will still download mail, but not "within the last 24 hours" as before. But only messages that are 3-4 days old (i.e. the 24 hour window is shifted back by three days!). I've tried deleting the whole database and account preferences and start from scratch to no avail. This seems like a similar problem I had with the built in MMS. One day it decided it didn't want to use the MMS account to send messages, but would try to connect to the internet account! I got rid of the problem by deleting some old messages (why did that help?!), but the mail problem was NOT solved by deleting any messages.

    Finally, I also have a "buzz" in my phone, but not really a buzz per say. It's kind of like listening to a seashell, with an occasional wave coming in. It's a funky kind of rhythmic (the "wave" comes every 5 seconds or so) sound that only I can hear (not the person I'm talking to. I can still hear, but it's kind of like listening to a bad cassette tape recording (a lot of hiss, but not buzz). Is this normal?

    I do realize that as functionality increases, the propensity for bugs also increases, but if these "features" are normal, then this product is not really ready for release! Can anyone confirm that your phone has the same symptoms or should I be headed to the nearest service representative?

    Thanks for your imput.

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    Sure that's a new phone and not a refurbished one? No, all these problems are not normal by any means. Hopefully it was a legit buy and your phone is under warranty.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    I bought it from a Palm-authorized reseller and they said it was new and said it has a one-year warranty. Is there any way to tell if it's refurbished? It looked new when I bought it.
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    Hmm, I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas? Anyone else have the same model as me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by myqlarson
    I bought it from a Palm-authorized reseller and they said it was new and said it has a one-year warranty. Is there any way to tell if it's refurbished? It looked new when I bought it.
    You can found out in the RTN screen. This will show you whether the unit is refurbished or not. You can get to it using one of the following codes below (depending on your carrier and type of phone):

    ##786 (Sprint PCS)
    #*#786 (Verizon Wireless)
    #*786 (GSM Models - i.e. Cingular, Orange, T-Mobile)

    If you scroll down there is a field called "Refurb Status."
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    Ok, thanks for the tip. I did that and see only two lines:

    Life Timer (minutes): 722
    Software REv: Treo600-1.12-ROW

    So this is not a refurb, I guess. Has anyone experienced any of these problems and had them resolved by a service center? Or are Treos just buggy?
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    The fact that you have buzzing noise should warrant you to get replacement from the reseller. Don't bother with the problem, just get a new replacement. You deserve it.

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