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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    So you were connecting via wifi on the h5550? If so, then of course its faster!!
    Switching between optimized and wide page layout in Blazer basically simulates just the layout issues without the bandwidth issues...and that is still much slower than the iPaq on Wi-Fi. Like I said earlier, it's frustating and a bit silly for the limiting factor to be the browser itself, not the internet connection built into the phone.
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    I've been fairly happy with the hacked Web Pro browser running at 468MHz. For some reason Web Pro benefits much more from overclocking than Blazer. Pages render in as little as 8 seconds. The problem is that Web Pro is a little unstable. If you try it, don't go into the preferences. Just accessing web pro preferences will cause the phone to reset when you exit web pro.

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    Hey guys, I just tried Blazer after installing the new Cingular update and Blazer seems to be running noticably faster. For example, renders in 22 seconds with images and javascript off. Before, it took 30 seconds. With an overclock on top of that, browsing with Blazer might not be too bad any more!
    Treo 650 with 1 GB SD card!
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    Hi guys, since doing the Cingular update i have not been able to get Blazer to load a single page. I have an unlocked treo and carefully read about doing the Cingular update. It worked the second time, not the first due to a file not installing, and now i cannot surf at all. I am able to get online and use Mundu to instant message, but no Blazer, and ideas how i can fix this?
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