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    Right now i am using Gmail with Versamail on my treo650...

    I have it so it checks my Gmail every 15 min.....

    What are the benefits of upgrading/purchasing chatter over versa mail.... I have yet to see any drawbacks/flaws in versa..... Please let me know what makes chatter so highly praised as it has been......
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    I think that if you have only one account to check and it's POP3 and checking every 15 minutes is reasonable for you, then there's probably no reason to consider anything else.

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    Like Marc (who is the developer of Chatter) said, for you, there probably isn't much reason to switch. The big advantage of Chatter is that it provides push email... with Chatter you get notified of a new message as soon as you get it. With your current configuration it may be as long as 15 minutes before you know that you have a new message. Unfortunately, to do this Chatter requires that your email is on a server that supports IMAP. Gmail does not. Chatter will work with a POP3 server like gmail, but you'll still have to sync every 15 minutes.

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    ok thanks guys! If i need blackberry speed.... i'll upgrade.
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    Actually, I might argue that besides "push", Chatter's biggest advantage is its background operation. To me that is what separates the men from the to speak.
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    Here's a question - will Chatter actually pull down my GMail?
    Seriously, both Snapper AND VersaMail have called it quits. I can't send outgoing email, it refuses to pull down my POP3 GMail (stalls when it handshakes with the server) etc.

    Has anyone pulled down GMail, via POP3, on Chatter in the last 12 hours and if so was it smooth?

    Money is not an issue. Getting my mission critical email is. Please respond ASAP. If so, I will buy Chatter in a hearbeat. I NEED MY MOBILE EMAIL.
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    I use chatter for my POP email - for me the advantage is the "push" email, as well as the background operation. I didn't like that Snapper took over my Palm in order to deliver my mail.

    In order to get "push" mail, I have my work POP mail forwarded to my Sprint account, which sends an SMS message to trigger Chatter to check my work account. Virtually instantaneous - highly recommended!
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    jack - What a LOT of people with GMail do is get a fastmail account (or equivalent) and forward their GMail to fastmail. Then, with Chatter, you get effective push of your GMail to the Treo (you can send via GMail directly if you wish).


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