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    I just upgraded to the new OS for my Treo 650 and am having the following problem. I have Missing Sync working ok and running the iSync conduit, however i cannot get iSync to add my Treo to the devices to be synced. When I click on "Add new Device", my Treo shows up but underneath it says "iSync can not connect to this device"?? I'm running Tiger and am having no problems with Missing Sync. Everything was working fine before I upgraded the OS. Is there something that I am not doing right? I'm connecting via bluetooth. When my mac finds the Treo, on the Treo a bluetooth dialog box pops up saying "Connection in Progress...."

    any help is appreciated

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    Try going to Hotsync Manager and activating iSync under Conduit Settings. Then it should just automatically iSync on your next hotsync from the Treo. I think that is what I did; I couldn't even see my Treo 650 if I did it from "Add new Device" in iSync.

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