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    I'm a treo 650 owner, and I love it. However my father in law just got a Treo 600, and I'm not sure how to do something. He's a hobbiest of English Fox Hunting, and he wants to have his ringtone either neigh or galop when it rings, and he wants me to do it. He was able to do this with his old non Palm OS based phone, but is cursing that he can't get something simple like that on his smart phone, and I need to prove him wrong.

    So how do I do this loyal treo owners? I'm seeing him this weekend, but I wont have access to hotsync the treo, and my only options for getting data to his device will be either from my treo via infra-red or through the SD card.

    Is there any ringtone app that doesn't need to be installed through hot sync? freeware will be great if possible. but I'll buy the shareware and eat the cost just to prove the power of the treo.


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    A good inexpensive program is Phone Technician. Your FIL should be able to get a free copy of Pocket Tunes (which is also necessary for .mp3 ringtones) via web registration of his new Treo 600.

    There are others out there that are a little fancier, and some that even don't require Pocket Tunes, but for price, stability, and developer support for simple ringtones, it's hard to beat Phone Technician IMO.
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    If your father in law has internet access on his treo, he could download ringtones from or
    I believe that these are wav based ringtones that load themselves to the treo ringtone database once downloaded. No fee or third party applications required.
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    The oof the shelf 600 only plays Midi files (no horses, etc). The ringtones offered at treobits and elsewhere are midi files.
    You'll need pTunbes (as mentioned elsewhere) and one of the many MP3 ring utilities.
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    You can get an MP3 file and convert it to MIDI format as long as you cut if off to less than 64KB.

    Then you can follow the directions on T/C's FAQ section or Treobits on how to get the midi into your phone.

    These are either as email attachment or putting it SD Card and retrieving it via Blazer.

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