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    I'm using a mail server that supports IMAP but not the IDLE command, and am not willing to switch to another mail server since I run my own mail server and have been very happy with it for many years now.

    So I'm stuck using POP3, which is fine with me and hasn't caused any trouble at all.

    In Chatter, since I have to resort to a timed download of my mail, it would be great if, when someone uses a POP mailbox, a GET MAIL button appeared somewhere on the screen so that I don't have to use the menu command to download my mail. I often download my mail without waiting for the timed download to occur.

    What do you think, Marc? Is this something you might consider?


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    You can assign a hard button to be "QuickSync" and just use that (in the "Buttons" prefs). Would that work?

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    Why don't you just config a hard button to quicksync all? For example if you go to chatter > prefs > prefs > buttons and then config one of the hard button to quicksync?!

    I've setup hard button 3 which is the mail app to quicksync all. Thus when I press the mail button (hard button 3) twice, I automatically goto chatter and it then quicksync's all my inboxes...
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    Thanks, I didn't realize I could program a button that would be specific only to Chatter... I'd seen the buttons settings in the Prefs, but hadn't tried it. What a simple solution!

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    ok so what is quick sync?
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    I did the above and nothing changes. I am ssuming the 4 buttons are the tow on either side of the nav buttons.

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    kerrys914 - You used the "Buttons" screen in "Preferences"? What did you set them to?

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    Thanks..I found the Pref icon
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