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    OK i got my 662 today and i LOVE it. But i do have one issue. I like wearing my headsets on my left ear and it seems this one is made predominantly for right ears. I know you can change the ear hook to become lefty but is there a way to change the display to swicth upside down. Right now, i have to hold the headset upside down (for me) in order to see the number of who is calling. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Press and hold both volume (up & down) at the same time; continue to hold....I have the 660 and most of these models are true to form. I am just taking a guess that what works on the 660 may work for you.

    Now, after you have held, you should see a icon which looks like it moving in a circle; thats to ket you know that you've entered rotation mode. Now use the volume (up or down) to pick which way you want your display to be.
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    T|C....the only place where you can get a working answer in 11 minutes!

    Glad I could help.
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    After you switch the rotation.. how do you quit from rotation?

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