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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and am looking forward to being involved in future discussions. Thanks in anticipation for any feedback on this problem.

    I've been trying to set up my Treo 650 via Bluetooth with my PMG5, OS10.4.1.

    I get as far as entering the 6 digit "pairing" number in "Bluetooth Device Set Up" but, after 10 minutes or more of trying, it eventually comes up with a message that the "pairing attempt was unsuccessful".

    On the Bluetooth tab in Sys Prefs, the device name is listed, along with the mouse and keyboard. There's a device address, it recognises that it's a phone, device services are listed as "OBEX Object Push", it's paired, it's configured, it's a favourite BUT it's NOT connected!

    I've been successfully using Missing Sync via a USB connection until now and have had no problems with the integration of Missing Sync and iSync.

    Any suggestions about how I can get the phone to successfully connect with the Mac? Thanks.
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    OK, I've just spent the past 3 hours updating the Treo to the latest software version (1.13) and have tried again to set up the Bluetooth connection.

    Now, after entering the 6 digit pairing number, the computer no longer hangs up while "gathering additional information about my device" but it quickly moves to the next page and informs me that "there were no supported services found on your mobile phone". The various services listed on the page (i.e. "set up iSync to transfer contacts and events", "use with address book", "access the internet with your phone's data connection") are all "greyed out".

    Any ideas, please?
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    i believe those services should be greyed out and your ability to use those should be through palm's hotsync manager.
    not totally sure, though, as i have been having bluetooth problems myself...

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