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    Has anybody tried the newer firmware with a caller ID headset to see if it supports caller name? If so, are there any models that seem to work correctly? What I mean is, sending the entire name from the phone, just not the number. It seems like it's been an issue with the 650 since the beginning, but you would think they would have fixed it bynow.

    Caller ID is a pretty big feature that I need in the bluetooth headset I want to buy, as I plan on leaving the phone in my pouch most of the time and just using the bluetooth headset to talk. Now I don't remember hardly any phone numbers, so the number would be useless information to me. I guess I could set up a bunch of distinctive rings, but that doesn't help when the phone is on vibrate. It's also a pain to setup distinctive rings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolGui
    as I plan on leaving the phone in my pouch most of the time and just using the bluetooth headset to talk.
    Keep in mind that you can't voice dial through a bluetooth headset with the Treo, so unless you're planning on receiving a lot of calls and not placing many, then you'll still need to pull the Treo out. I've had success using voice dialing with my Treo in a belt holster, but because it listens through the microphone on the phone it might not work well if the Treo is in a pouch.

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    That's a good point... The truth is that I don't make that many outgoing calls. I wouldn't have a problem with pulling it out to dial out. The whole voicedial issue kind of sucks... It would be convenient.
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    It is unlikely that there will be a caller ID headset that shows names and works with the Treo. The number comes in from the carrier's system, is part of the incoming signal and independent of the phone OS. To show names they would have to be pulled from the contacts list and sent to the headset which means software in the phone to do so which will be OS specific. The headsets with caller ID will either be made for a specific company's phones and work with their system or will be manufactured to go with the system which is most common, Symbian. In all cases there will have to be software included with or added to the phone to send the information to the headset. There is likely not a large enough Palm OS phones customer base for the headset manufacturers to justify development of such a headset and software. We can only hope that PalmOne will write the software and have a manufacturer build them a good quality PalmOne branded headset.
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    Thanks for the insight. I wasn't sure that was the case, I was under the impression that there was a stardard interface to facilitate it. I have heard that off the shelf bluetooth headsets do show the caller name, but as you said, it might have only worked with the sybian phones.

    This whole situation is just crappy. :P
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    I always thought the names that appear on the lcd of the headset is from the phone and not the carrier. If it's really from the carrier, a lot of numbers would be unknown because cell numbers usually don't have names associated with it.
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    They are from the cellphone, not the carrier. I've never seen a cellphone yet that actually get the caller name from the carrier. It would be nice though I guess.
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    you're talking about the sony ericsson hbh 662. It's not only ericsson that has this feature. If you're using that headset on other phones, such as some motorolla's, the caller id feature does work. It might take some time for palm to figure out how to enable it.

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