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    Hey Guys,
    I am not sure if this is hardware or what.. I guess no one can really tell if it's hardware or what.. but today right after the other party hung up the phone. my treo frozeses. at first I didn't pay attention, but later on when I took out my phone. the Treo was still at the phone screen with Hung Up button display.. pressed all the keys, I got no response.. so I did a softrest.. I thought the Treo repalces the froze screen with self reboots.. But I guess I still get the Reboots and Frozen screen..

    Just like to know if anyone elses experienced similar problem like me, or am I the only one that has this problem. if that is the case, I am going back to the store and get it exchanged.. I am still within the 15 days return policy.. BTW, I have a Verizon Wireless Treo.
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    This has happened to me twice. Both times I was dialing a number and just as I pressed the dial button I had an incoming call and the Treo froze. Couldn't answer the incoming call and couldn't hang up... When the phone stopped ringing the Treo was frozen at the incoming call view. A soft reset solved the problem both times.
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    My phone has frozen like 3 or 4 times. Sometimes weeks go by before it happens. I haven't been able to narrow it down yet.
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    Mine is doing the same thing. you can actually go to the phone and type in #*#377# and it will tell you why it crashed. Not sure if that is a verizon specific code but my crashes on all different things. not the same thing all the time.
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    It actually doesnt crash. It just freezes. The 377 code (or CrashPro log) doesnt show anything.
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    There's probably some app causing a memory leak somewhere. Regular soft resets now and then imo seem to cure the problem for me fyi...
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    I have noticed this too. I have the Unlocked GSM with the 1.28ROW firmware. It happens to me when my wifes phone loses signal and thus we get disconnected. It is like the Treo doesn't know what to do with the call so it just hangs.
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    Hmmmm, this happened to me early am today for the first time. It started ringing and I was going to let it go to voice mail but it would not stop ringing so I answered it and it then froze. I had to do a soft reset and all is okay for now.

    The phone number was not in my contacts.
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    This happens to me all the time and I don't have any programs such as Butler, LightWay, etc. installed.
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    Another thing I forgot to add.

    When my Treo freezes on an incoming call after I reset the phone the call is not in my call log. So according to the Treo the incoming call never happened.
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    Why do you guys deal with all this crap on a $600 piece of hardware that needs to work reliably?
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    BENJMNS - Beware of comments like yours lest you be flamed by the fanboys who insist the Treo 650 is virtually perfect.

    So far so good after a day and a half but I too experienced the dreaded perpetual reboots. Backup software did not work and I have both Backup Buddy VFS and BackupMan installed. Right now it works fine but we'll see... I can only say that you should probably keep the phone almost application free for a day or two. Only install your most favorite and necessary apps. See if it crashes. If it does, then use it app free. If it crashes then it's obviously a hardware issue but I find it typically isn't a hardware issue but some other issue that is as yet unexplained.
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    Mine has frozen once like that. Most of the time, mine freezes when i am not using it, and no button's work to wake it up. Moving the speaker slider wakes it up sometimes, a soft reset works everytime. It usually only happens overnight. (Does it get tired?)
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