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    I have had my Treo for about a month or so and I am slowly weeding out my other devices. I have now added the MP3 player to my repertoire and am concerned with protection while I am working out. When I was using a CD Walkman, I had a neoprene type belt that would hold the device tight to my waist so it wouldn't move when jogging, etc. but it also didn't require anything to be clipped to my belt.

    I know I am probably not describing this well, but does anyone know of a similar case for the Treo?

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    I bought an old Neoprene Handspring case from TC- use it a lot. Pray you don't have to deal with TC customer service. First case I ordered arrived with what looked like a coffee stain, and the clip lasted about 3 uses- after a week of emails, customer service finally replied when I complained on this board...

    Replacement is A-OK, though- you'd have to cut a hole in the bottom for a headset jack, but it was a dirt-cheap case when I bought it, so who cares
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    I would definately go for a nutshell case with velcro -

    I have got one myselves - with velcro lock and a belt loop. The belt loop is genious - can be worn both vertical and horisontal. Liftime warranty!
    If you don't wear a belt - the beltclip could be a better solution for you.

    Never been so amazed by a 'webshop' as this one. Ordered one day - tailormade delivery to my mailbox in Norway (from New Zealand!) 4 days later...!

    The attached pictures are of my case. Couldn't manage to show you the case with the Treo inside because I used it as camera.
    OK - the pictures could have been better, but the camera on my Treo dosn't handle macro
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