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    Well, I managed to blag a free upgrade, and it's here.. in my 'Palm' (oh dear)..

    Initial thoughts.. well - I'll start off with a couple of gripes, then I can finish on a high note..

    Treo Specific gripes:
    Build quality doesn't initially seem as good/solid

    Volume is indeed a tad crap

    Battery life seems quite poor in the 3 days I've had it, compared to the 600 and the same amount of usage anyway

    Calendar - I want my proper week view back - it was by far the most used view!!

    Orange specific gripes:
    The only thing I'd like is to be able to customise the launcher bar on the left hand side - I used to use the 5-way to easily launch apps which I now can't do.. other than that, I like the Orange phone app/launcher.. looks classy!!

    And now the high-notes..

    Woohooo! What a screen!! Love it.. and boy do I love showing off TCPMP with various movies/telly shows etc.. (copied them from my PC to a 1Gb SDCard)

    The internet is now a dream to browse, the keys are easier (still getting used to them but they ae better), SMS app is improved (shows MMS's)

    It's faster!

    Bluetooth is great..

    The camera.. wowsers.. what an improvement!!

    Did I mention the screen? Whoohooooo!! So clear, so crisp..

    It's only been 3 days so I can't claim to be able to give a balanced review yet of course..

    I'm off to see what else I can download for it..
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    Be careful what you install, or you will be starting all over again after the phone starts to reset itself every hour.
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    Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is an "Orange Treo" ?
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    A Treo sold and branded by the European phone service provider named "Orange".
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    Tried but sold: Motorola Q/Nokia E61/700wx/HTC TyTN/Treo 680

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