I've tried the Motorola 810, Motorola 850, and Cardo Scala 500. They all suffered from at least one major fault. Even if I had the phone in my pants pocket on the same side of my body as the headset, 90% of the time I heard static in the other callers voice (they did not hear any static in my voice which was good at least).

For me, the Cardo Scala 500 beat the Motorola headsets and I would really enjoy my Cardo Scala 500 if I didn't have the problem with placing in my pocket which is something I do often (placing on the seat in the car, or on a table in the room I'm in works great). So, I guess my search continues.

Has anyone had any success with a headset that allows you to place the phone in your pocket (preferably on either side of your body) without hearing static from the person on the other end?

I guess the next one on my list is the SE HBH 660. I just want to be able to have it in my pocket but I guess that is to much to ask at this point in bluetooth technology (such a shame).