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    So the Treo has passed inspection, and I'm keeping it. w00t!

    With so many cases out there, does anyone know of a store in LA that has a decent selection so I can try them out? I'm on the West Side, so I'm thinking of Creative Computers, CompUSA and maybe Best Buy. Any more suggestions?


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    Good luck. The only store I've found that really carried anything other than the standard Speck style cases is a Palm store - the only one I've been to is in the Pittsburgh airport - the airport to spend any layover, as they have a full shopping mall inside.

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    I see they do have three stores in California.
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    CompUSA may be your best bet. You may also want to try Fry's. Most of the stores you suggest have only the basic Palm cases. You'll probably get the same selection at an office store like Office Depot, OfficeMax or Staples - slim pickens. You're better off purcashing on line making your decision based on comments on this board or other boards. I've run through about 3 cases and am currently using the P6 Pouch Case which is cheap and slim (two of my favorite features). Good luck.
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    Thanks for the replies, guys! I very well may end up ordering a case, but if at all possible I like to "try on" the case before I buy it.

    I had no idea Palm retail stores existed. The one in Century City is 10 minutes away!
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    Just order it on-line. I looked for T600 cases for several weeks and saw no good choices. I did not check the Palm store that is in Century City, however.

    OTOH, if you find a place with a good selection - please post!
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    The Palm Store in the Pittsburgh airport had a vast selection of all kinds of goodies while I was there in March. My next layover flight will purposely be there.

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