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    Now that I've done the 1.12 Sprint upgrade, if my phone sits idle for an hour or two without connecting to the internet (I manually check e-mail so the phone does not automatically connect to the internet on its own), I have to turn the phone off, then back on to connect to the internet.

    I did not have this problem with 1.08. I added Volume Care right after 1.12, but I can't imagine Volume Care would cause this?

    Anbody else having this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?
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    Me too... it's happened before the 1.12 update though. I thought it was my house has weak signal and I would lose connection. It's annoying. Pretty much every morning I'd need to turn the phone connection Off and then On...

    Anyway, I think this app might help, or at least make the "reset for data" easier:

    haven't played with it yet.

    Still trying to figure out why after 1.12 my phone turns on, on it's own, in the cradle. I'll bet this happens during the day too in my pocket and that's by battery life is suffering...

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