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    I need a switchhack-like program that works on the Visor. I just got my platinum in last Friday and my Switchhack program works but cause all kinds of errors in other programs. At least, all of the problems went away when I uninstalled it. I had read somewhere that there were compatibility issues with SwitchHack and Visor. Is this true?
    What is a good application switcher that works with the Visor? Is there a good launcher program that is fast and works with the Visor Platinum and maybe also includes an App switcher?

    I would appreciate any constructive input.

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    Phlegmhack works like Switchhack but I am not sure if it works with Platinum or Prism. It is available at Palmgear.
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    I'm not sure if it does the same thing, but you might try PhlegmHack. Here's a link.

    I've been using it for damn near as long as I've had my Visor, and I love it. You can assign Favorite programs which *always* appear in the list, and exclude programs you don't want to appear. If you don't specify 10 apps as Favorites, it lists the most recent apps.

    Also, a pen stroke from Apps to the Graffiti area switches between two apps.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. It's produced by Mitch Blevins, the same guy who distributes Diddlebug, and it's freeware.

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    try app/da launcher. it's a hack that is a da (desktop accessory - hacklike application originally developed in japan, which runs on top of an already open app) launcher, with a twist. it splits the house silkscreen icon into four parts, which you can assign different tasks to, including swirthhack like functions. plus you can launch da's with it. if you don't know about da's, do a search on this board. a week or 2 ago, i mentioned them in another thread, and i know there have been even more threads than that...
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    I use Launch 'Em from It is a great launcher, and it includes a switch hack which shows your 5 most used and 5 most recent apps.
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    I still use SwitchHack v1.62 on my Visor Prism. I also used it on my Visor Deluxe since November 1999.

    The only problems that I have had using SwitchHack on the Visor are related to the SpringBoard module:
    (1) When inserting or removing a SpringBoard Module while SwitchHack is activated causes my Visor to crash. To remedy this, I simply de-activate SwitchHack in HackMaster, and modules can be removed and inserted without any problems.
    (2) It won't switch to an apps that are stored on my 8Mb flash module.
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    PhlegmHack works beautifully on my prism. You can take sprinboard modules in and out all the time with no problems whatsoever. It is stable, quick, responsive, and (best of all) free. This has been my first application installed when I got my PalmPilot Pro and it's still my most used app/hack. I have version 1.3 and as I said before there are no problems with the prism.
    P.S. Some other good free hacks are Daylight Savings Hack (checks and adjusts the clock for daylight savings time), HackDelete Hack (made with me in mind-keeps you from deleting an enabled hack), and PowerHack (a no holes security program, just make your password a shortcut with an extra symbol at the end to make it highly secure yet easy to log on-e.g. make a shortcut that stands for "This is my beautiful blue visor" and make your password "This is my beautiful blue visor!" so you can just do your shortcut and add an exclamation point to log in, yet no one will ever guess a password that long). Just thought I'd add that I have not developed any of these, nor am I selling something. Although if you're feeling guilty about using my ideas without giving something in return you can e-mail me and we'll work something out to the satisfaction of us both.
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