Unbelievable - weeks have passed, and there is still no updater for the Cingular 650. I suffer the annoyances that this firmware can fix on a daily basis, and knowing that so many fixes are available and not being release is just infuriating. I did an online chat with Cingular support, and they of course claim it's up to Palm to release updates for the 650.

Does anyone know of any email address or phone numbers that might be good for peppering the arses of those who might be dragging on this? Please post them here if so, and if anyone sees them here and cares about this, please voice your concerns.

Maybe a good volume of pleading letter to CEOs or somesuch might get one or two into the face of someone that can find out why there is such an apparent disregard for the customer experience with this phone. Thanks for any help.

PS: Yes, I know I could update to the ROW rom, but I don't want to do that without the ability to revert to a Cingular rom, and that is apparently not currently possible.