Last night I installed my Treo 600 on XP Pro and it synced up just fine.

This morning, I tried to install some stuff. When I hit the sync button, I got the following "Unknown Device" error:

Two thoughts:

1. When I go to Phone > Menu > Options > Phone Info, it shows a different username than the one I specified when I installed last night. Could this be the problem?

2. I have a feeling my USB port might be bad. I have a USB card installed also, which I know is working. I have a few other devices on it already, all working fine. If I want to unplug it from the (suspected) bad port, and plug it into one I know is working, what should I look out for? Should I do it while the computer is off, then boot up? While it's running? Will I need to reinstall Palm Desktop? If so, should I delete the original install first? Or will it just install the hardware and work okay?

Anything else I should keep my eyes open for during this process?