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    I've been playing with TCPMP and I love the app, but all my movies are very quiet on the Treo when played through the speaker. I have to turn the volume all the way up to hear it at all, and even then the room has to be really quiet. Contrasted to mp3's I play through real player, something seems a miss.

    Anyone else have the same problem or possiblity a solution?

    ps- if I plug in a headphone it's listenable, though still quieter then I would prefer.
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    I have the same problem -- I wonder if it's a TCPMP issue or perhaps the way the movies are encoded (I use Nero Recode). Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Turn up the Preamp in Audio preferences...
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    Yup, the preamp works great for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longstrider
    Turn up the Preamp in Audio preferences...
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    Preferences, then Preamp
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    I don't see preamp under preferences on my Sprint 650. (All of a sudden I feel the fog rollng in.)
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    Wait a second -- ahhh, brainfart released. Oh I see it now, in TCPMP Prefs, not in Treo Prefs. You're right, huge increase in volume. Thanks.

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