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    I have had my 512 sd card for a while now. I swap files from both a pc and a mac. The lock tab is unlocked and for some reason it won't let me delete or add files to it. I get a message that says the card is write protected and that I need to remove the write protection to use it. I reformatted it and now it won't let me put new files on it. How do I remove the write protection? How can I prevent this from happening again?
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    Kingston is taking the SD card back, which I think is nice of them
    Thanks Kingston for standing behind your products!
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    How cool is that? This is why I also use Linksys products - I can call for support on a 4 year old router, and they'll walk me right through all the troubleshooting.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    I just noticed this group. See the thread about my Kingston 512 SD card. Sounds similar to your situation, jpza. How was your experience with Kingston? Should I try to contact them or NewEgg?

    My thread:
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    I have a sandisk card (with integrated USB) and the lock tab fell off. As a result, I had to tape over where the tab would normally be in order to write to the card (similar to the old floppy disk hack). I'm going to try to get Sandisk to replace it, but we'll see.

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