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    I currently own a Co-Pilot Bluetooth GPS receiver which I want to try to hook up to my Treo 650.

    I'm looking at the Mapoplois software but am a little confused. It seems the "navigator" maps don't cover a very large area. I'm in PA and the maps are only county based. I currently have most of the east coast loaded on a Pocket PC from Co-Pilot Live. Is this not possible with Mapopolis? It would seem crazy to have to load each and every county map for several states (this would be a whole lot of maps) to acheive an area of say 500 miles or so. I mean if I was driving from PA to NC I'd need to load twenty or so maps and I'd have to know each county from each state I'd be driving through?

    Are there no state maps for Mapopolis? Even if I do load more than one county map does the software move seemlessly between maps when driving from one area to another?
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