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    5.30 is now out.


    Updated Description:

    5.30 - 07/06/2005

    * Added Sound function. You may Import/Export (.Wav) file as your favorites Sound in ZLauncher.
    Note: The sound function requires SoundMgr-based device above OS5.
    * Better compatible with LifeDrive device.
    * New ZLPluginStatus is released. ZLPluginStatus can display the status of Bluetooth and System sound.
    Note: The ZLPluginStatus only works on Top/Bottom Bar.
    * Fix the incorrect behavior, which cannot active Viskey when power off via "PowerOff Button".
    * Fixed incorrect behavior of ThemeManager when changing the BackImage.
    * Fixed error of Bluetooth when it sending a virtual shortcut.
    * Fixed the bug of Move/Copy a file from card(1) to card(2).
    * Miscellaneous updates and bug-fixes.
    * This version is a free upgrade for ZL5 users. Just simply install this version onto your device over the old version.
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