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    I saw the instructions on here for upgrading the UK Orange firmware to a generic ROM. Despite the guy's assurances, it looked not quite as straightforward as it appeared, especially the bit about flashing with a generic ROM first.
    Can I flash with the generic 1.23 firmware first and then put the latest unbranded one on afterwards? This method seemed a bit less complicated than the original.
    Also, on a different tack, I have a 512Mb SD card that I tried to format in an SD card reader so I could use in the generic ROM process last night. The progress bar went right across to 100% and then it said the format did not complete. Now I can't format it again, can't put files on it or anything? Any ideas please on a way of getting my space back?
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    I realise there are lots of looks but no answers yet because people might think this is a specific Orange problem. But is it though? Would this not apply to any branded phone? Could I flash it with an earlier ROM it would take and then put the latest one on? If yes, which one would work?
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    I updated from an Orange treo (FW 1.09) to 1.23 then to 1.28.

    I followed the instructions at
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    I am about to ring Orange and try and get my phone exchanged (it's five weeks old) because of this wretched upgrade. I did everything by the book - blank SD card, Palm folder etc - it did the progress bar to 100% then said the ROM upgrade failed. It restarted - did a couple of loops - and there was the Orange side bar but no signal. All I had and still have is a "Network Search" message. I've soft reset, hard reset, nothing works.
    Am I peed off!! I now have to give Orange a **** and bull story about how it got in this state. Thewy said to ring this morning where they will do some diagnostic tests. A question? If they refuse to exchange this phone, what can I do please? The original firmware was V1.09. Can I get that from anywhere?
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    Well, rang Orange. Luckily enough, every diagnostic test he tried resulted in a reset so he gave up in the end and I get a new handset tonight. The only problem is that, because it is five weeks old and their policy is to replace with a new phone within 28 days, I will get a reconditioned unit. Which is a bummer but at least it works!
    I will be inspecting it for missing button etc on delivery. It can't be too old, after all, the phone has not been out that long.
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    Just a quick question. What's people's opinion of reconditioned phones received from Orange UK? The one I am returning is 100% perfect (apart from not working) cosmetically so what should I expect?
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    I've had 3 reconditioned Treo600s from Orange UK and they have been top notch replacements - the buttons feel tough because they've never been pressed in anger and the screen still has the plastic peel-off film on. I'm on my second Treo650 but that was a new one so cant comment. I once rang for a replacement at 4pm and it arrived 9am the next day, great service.

    Ive done the same as MuttDeamon - Orange treo (FW 1.09) to 1.23 then to 1.28. remember to hard reset before you do anything to reduce the risk of unpredictability. Some people have been using the TRY card (formatting in card info app, not pc) to host the 1.23 rom - im sure once you get to 1.23 the transition to 1.28 will be smooth
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    It's the getting to 1.23 that has caused me the grief!
    I was debating as whether to try and update it again or leave well alone and get the replacement which is being delivered between 1800 and 2200 tonight. At the moment, the info screen shows no IEME number, no firmware number and the software is 1.06.
    Probably best to leave it now, rather than being successful and having the upgrade shown on the phone. Agree?
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    I would suggest trying it again. I don't think Orange looks at the version of the firmware in your phone. They will happily get rid of that treo by turning over the unit to palm since it's under palm's warranty anyway. What have you got to lose, your replacement unit is arriving anyways. If it works, then you can tell orange that the phone is fine now and you don't need a replacement unit.

    I have read a couple of post in the Worldwide GSM forum saying that Orange accepted a phone and replaced it even though its firmware has already been updated.
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    Well, did my best. Tried again, got to 100% and said "ROM upgrade failed". Still no network signal. I will now get my "new" unit tonight and leave the blasted thing alone this time! Knocked me down a bit, from others, it appeared to be easy. Thanks for listening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dougproctor
    Well, did my best. Tried again, got to 100% and said "ROM upgrade failed". Still no network signal. I will now get my "new" unit tonight and leave the blasted thing alone this time! Knocked me down a bit, from others, it appeared to be easy. Thanks for listening.
    Doug, I wouldn't worry about getting a re-con- I reckon you will get a brand new boxed Treo like i did. The phone is still pretty new.
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    What service! Ordered at 0930, delivered of what I think is a brand new handset only at 1600. You don't get new accessories but who cares. Will leave the firmware on this phone well alone now and wait for an Orange update! Thank you Orange.
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