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    Anyone know if it's possible to have LAUNCHcast Plus from Yahoo on your Treo?

    I'm a current user of LAUNCHcast Plus, Which I pay for monthly.

    LAUNCHcast Plus = Streaming music of your own.. set and rate music of your own to be played more often.

    More information here:

    If you know if you can stream on the Treo through Pocket Tunes Deluxe or other app, or if you can figure it out, I'd appreciate some help.
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    Has anyone figured this out? I would love to know if this is possible also!
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    My guess would be that it's using streaming wma which isn't supported by any audio or multimedia software yet.
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    Other than the 'rating' capability, it looks alot like what you can already get for free, and that works with ptunes delux. I've got about 40 streaming stations, both internet only and live radio, all types of genres, bookmarked. What am I missing?
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    Hmmm...if it's streaming wma, then I don't think it's possible yet with current version of Ptunes. However there are other options to stream you personal musicn collection to the Treo including Gloonet:
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