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    I think this problem is more with my computer than with the Treo, but let's see. More often than not, when I try to sync with outlook, the computer will never recognize the treo and it just hangs while "trying to connect" until it times out with an error. Soemtimes restarting the computer works and sometimes not.

    Anyone else have the same problem?
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    Some people have had a problem with the hot sync cable not seating exactly right. If the never recognize happens again, try gently resetting the hot sync cable into the Treo again.
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    I have this pretty regularly. I typically try switching the hotsync cable between my USB ports (laptop so not hard to do) and launching the Hotsync Manager and changing an option (ie enable network sych, then disable) to try to get it to recognize that the USB cable is plugged in.
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    I get that pretty often too. If the dialogue box has not popped up on my computer within 2 seconds of hitting the hotsync button on the cable, I simply unplug my Treo and plug it right back in while it is still searching. Works every time.
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