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    I've really had it with my Treo, every week there's at least one thing wrong with it. The past few weeks, off and on, the sound stops working. But it isn't all of it, just sounds like alarms and sometimes the earpiece. Sounds like when I'm testing rings will work fine, but if an alarm goes off or when I'm navigating I hear nothing. And sometimes when I pick up the phone, the earpiece does not work. I'm very familiar with the Treo and I've gone through every setting there is to find a problem- but everything's fine. I'm curious if this is a software problem and if anyone else has experienced anything like this.
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    It sounds like you have the dreaded external headset jack/speaker issue. If everything sounds fine via the external earpiece, that's what it is. Look at a couple of the other threads about speaker problems here. Bottom line is that you will have to send/take it back for exchange.

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