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    Anyone else have this problem and fixed it? I have IR port off and DUN and BTooth off. My wife reports same problem to me.

    If i turn the phone on to look at calendar or anything for that matter, if i do not manually turn off the screen then the keyboard and screen stays lit. This will stay on indefinitely, i guess until the battery drains.

    Any ideas?
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    It appears that you have some corrupted settings after the update. Preform a hot sync to your current user id, then try a hard reset to a empty / temporary user id. Before doing any restore -- does the Treo still have the problem? If not, then it is some conflict in settings of 3rd party software.

    You could then try a hard reset to your original user id, and see if the problem is cured. If not, hard reset to a new user id and load everthing from scratch. You can copy your PIM (calendar, contacts, and such) data bases directly from your old user id backup folder, without having to enter every item over. Do 3rd party apps, one at a time, one a day, to see if the problem returns -- and then you will have found the culprit.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    thanks didn't think of that. ill do it later today after taking nephew to the zoo and let u know the results

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