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    Is this a 650 problem or a t-mobile problem?

    Every picture I receive on my '50 is shrunk down to thumbnail size. Pictures that start out as 27K or 100K are shrunk down to 4K. This happens no matter where they come from - if I get a msg from another phone via SMS or via email to my MMS address ( The resultant image is so small as to be un-viewable.

    Is t-mo shrinking the images to save bandwidth or is my phone doing it? This is an unlocked GSM model with latest firmware but it's been doing it since I got it.
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    Is nobody else experiencing this teeny-tiny picture problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rouxdoo
    Is nobody else experiencing this teeny-tiny picture problem?
    I think it's a T-mo problem.. I sent a 288K picture as an attachment to a friend of mines who has T-mo and it automatically shrunk it to about 4K. I am on Sprint. I have no problems sending attachments to PC or other cell phone carriers at the 288K size. Let me add that whenever he sends me a picture as an attachment it also shrinks down to 4K when I view it.
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    I was wondering if that wat the case. Curiously, my wife's (t-mo) Nokia receives pictures from my treo and they aren't shrunk. It only seems to be a problem on incoming MMS on my treo. Perhaps I'll pop over to the GSM forum and ask there. Thanks.

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