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    So the camera on my Treo 650 decided that it doesn't want to work anymore, I read and responded to a post on here that is exactly my problem and states that it is hardware and I am inclined to agree, no matter what I did the camera doesn't work. So my question is, has anyone done and exchange with a 650 and Cingular? Am I going to get one with upgraded firmware or whats the scoop? I am just curious. I wanted to see if anyone had to do an exchange and how easy it was to process?
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    It was a painful experience for me..both times. They will walk you through their maze of hard/soft resets and the matter what the problem may be with your Treo. This is after about 45 min. on the line waiting/transferring to various deptartments. On my second Treo exchange they accidentally hung up on me after attempting to transfer my call....after I was in the queue for 30 minutes. Shockingly they called me back as they had my mobile number. They may send you a replacement that looks great but is still defective, as was my case. It had no vibe. The last straw was an email I received from Cingular stating it has been 15 days and we still have not received your defective phone. However if I track the shipment online it states the phone was received by Cingular on June 28...great. I can't wait to see my bill and the associated charges.
    Both replacements had firmware 1.05. On the plus side I received the phone (both times) the next dayand did not pay the surcharge for express shipping. Third time is a charm as this Treo is excellent.

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