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    I recently switched from a Sprint T650 to a CingularT650. Using Back Up Buddy, everything switched to the new phone perfectly with the exception of the Bluetooth Manager. Does anyone have, or is there a link online, to the Cingular Bluetooth application that will allow me to use my BT headphone? Thanks
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    Are you saying that you don't see a Bluetooth selection under Communications in the Preferences app?
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    I get an odd error message that says "the application cannot be launched because it's missing localization information"
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    Install FileZ, check the ROM box and look for the file, "Bluetooth Library_enUS". Do you have two? One in RAM and one in ROM? If so, delete the one in RAM.
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    thanks. That didn't work, but the ol' hard reset did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billyc
    thanks. That didn't work, but the ol' hard reset did.
    Good. That's usually the last resort, but it often saves the day.

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