My associate's 650 is not working. I feel a little responsible because I love mine so much that several of my associates have caught my Treo 650 fever. Anyway, all the Treos are fine but 1. When I push the red or green button, the screen lights up as it should, but pressing the center of the 5 way does not let me access the phone; it just acts as if the button hadn't been pressed. By fooling around with it (removing the battery and then replacing it causes the phone to power on and be ready) I discovered that all the phone functions seem to be ok if you can find a tricky way to make it work. However, THE BUTTONS DON'T WORK. I put that in caps because I know I am typing so much that I wanted that part to stand out. It seems like all works fine if only the buttons would function. Any thoughts? We are working in Mexico, so it will be a bit of a to-do to get the phone back to the store in the US for exchange or repair. The pain will be eased if he can keep the sim for another phone if the Treo needs to go out. Any help soon will be greatly appreciated.