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    I am thinking of getting the Sandisk Ultra II 1GB SD Card for the Treo, However I am not sure how stable that SD card is with Treo 650? has anyone tried it?
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "stable," but it works great for me. I can play video and music without a problem. No lags. I haven't personally tested the speed against other cards, so I don't know how much faster it is than others. Moving large files from the card to RAM doesn't take very long. I'm very happy with it.

    I got mine from Costco.
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    Check this forum out :

    Lots of talk about the most used SD cards in the Treo, the Ultra being one of them
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    I have the Extreme III from Sandisk, rock solid and very fast.
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    I have had the Sandisk 2gb version for a couple weeks now and it works great so far in my 650.
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    What do you mean by fast? Do you have any VFSMarks?

    I'm specially interested in read speed - going to buy myselves a card for car navigation...
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    Here are mine. Rather than getting hung up on the overall VFS number, compare the read and write numbers to other cards.

    File Create: 386%
    File Delete: 189%
    File Write: 221%
    File Read: 692%
    File Seek: 786%
    DB Export: 216%
    DB Import: 508%
    Record Access: 754%
    Resource Access: 738%
    VFSMark: 498
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    I have an Ultra II 1Gb. It works fine, and is "stable". However I haven't been able to notice any speed difference between it and my regular 512Mb card.

    Might just be T600 limitations
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    Did anyone notice that it doesn't quite "fit" as easily or as "nicely" in the SD slot. It doesn't spring out like the regular SD cards and you kind of have to push it down. however, I will say that it works fine and has not broken the slot. I can insert other cards and they spring back normally so the slot is fine. I definitely recommend it. Also, I have to say that this is definitely an engineering ingenuity "win."

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