This is probably way beyond the scope of this forum, but thought I'd give it a shot.

This past weekend, I set up my 15" Tiger Powerbook to use Dial-Up Networking with my Treo 650. It worked great. However, when I returned to work today, I am no longer able to access the internet via the Ethernet connection using IP, Subnet, and Gateway/Router settings given to me by our network administrator.

I have configured the built-in Ethernet TCP/IP manually with the IP/Subnet/Gateway information I received (which I reconfirmed today.) I have aslo turned off the Airport and Bluetooth to assure they aren't somehow interfering.

I've used the Network Diagnostics routine. After confirming I want to manually set the IP address, I am asked if I use a DSL or cable modem; when I click no, the troubleshooter stops and says it cannot fix the problem. (I have also tried the Ethernet TCP/IP "DCHP - manual address" setting as well, with the same results).

Assuming the settings I've been given by our network administrator are correct and the network isn't "down", does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to minimize the number of calls I make to our IS department, since they officially will not support Macs, so I want to make sure I've done everything correct on my end before pleading with them for assistance.