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    Where can I restore my Memos from, and do I use the Memo Pad or Memos conduit?

    I deleted and reinstalled my Palm Desktop and hard reset my 650 in an attempt to fix Documents To Go (don't ask yet.) After a few false starts, I am syncing Mac OS X 10.4.1 with Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Rev B and iSync 2.0. My Contacts, Datebook and ToDo's got restored via iSync, but my Memos were not because I deleted my Desktop. I did backup my Palm users directory, but I can't find any Memo PDB file to restore. So, how can I restore my Memos? I also have a recent backup of my hard drive to peruse.

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    I don't think that your memos were ever backed up if you have been using iSync. Have you ever had access to your memos via your Mac? Memo's are normally stored in users/~/documents/palm/users/your_hotsync_id/user_data but "user data" is a single file used by palm desktop. If you don't use Palm Desktop fo syncing then I think you need a 3rd Party Program for syncing memos.
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    Thanks for the pointer fly888!

    It took a bit, but I got my Memos restored on the handheld and syncing with the Palm Desktop! Here is what you need to know to accomplish this:

    1. The "User Data" file is the Palm Desktop’s note database. It contains entries for the Memos, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks apps.

    2. The Memos window in the Palm Desktop displays the Memos entries, and the notes associated with the Calendar, Contacts and Tasks apps. The titles of the Calendar, Contacts and Tasks notes all begin with "Handheld Note:<App>"; the titles of the Memos entries are the first line of each memo.

    3. Double-clicking on any User Data or User Data Archive file will open up the Palm Desktop with the data in that file. You can easily retrieve the above information from any backup in this manner.

    4. Bring up the Palm Desktop with your backup User Data file that contains your missing Memos. Select File->Export and chose Module: Memos, Items: All N Memos, Format: Tab & Return, and Columns: All Columns, then Export. Close the Palm Desktop.

    5. Import the resultant export file in a spreadsheet tool such as MS Excel. Ensure that the information is imported as tab delimited. Delete all “Handheld Note:” records from the spreadsheet and save as a tab delimited file. This will leave only the Memos.

    6. Bring up the Palm Desktop with your current User Data file. Select File->Import and chose your edited tab delimited Memos file. Chose Fields: Memos and Delimiters: Tab & Return, then Import. Open the Memos window to verify that your missing Memos are restored to the Palm Desktop.

    7. Bring up the HotSync manager and verify that the Memos conduit is present and set to Synchronize. You may have to move it to the /Library/Application Support/Palm Hotsync/Conduits folder from the .../iSync Disabled Conduits folder next to it. Note that the Memo Pad conduit is not needed for the Palm Desktop.

    8. Hotsync and you should be a happy camper!

    Good luck!
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    Hi all,

    I have a minor change to my previous directions, which caused new lines in the memos to be displayed as paragraph characters in both the desktop and handheld. In fact, the new method is simpler as it eliminates the spreadsheet step.

    1. To export only the memos, make a copy of the "User Data" file and open the Palm Desktop with that file. Open the Memos, delete the "Handheld Note: Xxx" entries, and then export all memos using Format: Palm Desktop (not Tab & Return.) This format will preserve new line formatting. Close the Palm Desktop.

    2. Re-open the Palm Desktop using your primary User Data file. Import your previously exported memos. Note that these memos will be appended to your existing ones. To prevent duplicates, I deleted the existing memos before importing the new ones.

    3. Hotsync and you're done. Note that I overwrote the handheld on the first hotsync, as I didn't have any important new memos on the handheld. I'm not sure what the results would be if the first hotsync synchronized the desktop and handheld.

    Good luck!
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