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    Does anyone have experience with both and if so, which do you reccomend over the other?
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    Different Apps, one is a Launcher, one is like Windows explorer.
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    So it sounds like Rescoe explorer is more like a FileZ on Steroids? Does that sound right? Thanks.
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    Zlauncher is your replacement desktop, Explorer is just that.
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    Yes Pilot, Resco Explorer is more like a FileZ on Steroids. I actually use both Resco Explorer and ZLauncher. I think they're both awesome programs! I use Resco for all kinds of things, even including Backup.

    If I could only have one, it would be ZLauncher, but I'm very glad I have both. Resco Explorer has come in handy on many occasions! It's almost like a swiss army knife, for your palm.

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    I use ZL because of its themes (skins), ability to automatically move apps and their related databases to the card (and create a conduit so that the apps on the card are hotsynced as well), QuickLaunch feature, etc.

    I trialed Resco Explorer and loved it -- best file manager in my experience, ability to zip/unzip files and apps, and the backup functionality is nice. I opted for ZL since it has a file manager as well (albeit not nearly as cool), then I just use a couple feature-deficient free options for zip/unzip and backup...but I still have love for you, Resco!
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    I use both and like both. The integrated file manager in zlauncher isn't that great imo. In fact even filez is better for sorting, filtering imo. However Resco is the supremo fle manager app out there that combine zip/unzip and archive functionality. Zlauncher is a great laucher of course...
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    I use both and I like them for their different features. IMO it's like comparing apple and oranges.
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    As stated earlier in this thread, it is definately not a versus situation. These two apps are very complimentary to each other and using one does not obviate the need or desire to use another.

    Apples and Oranges seems to be true despite the fact that Resco can launch apps and ZLauncher can manage files they are two entirely different products that just so happen to have a bit of feature overlap.
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