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    I'm a Realtor sitting at a closing waiting for it to finish and reading Treo Central forums. I was just thinking how lucky I've been still with my original Handspring Treo 600. It has no other branding and no branded splash screen. I got it shortly after it was released and it has been going strong ever since even after a few drops. I was just wondering if anyone else is still using their very first Handspring Treo 600.
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    I am. I got mine in Oct. '03 and it's still going strong, including the battery. I haven't noticed a decrease in performance yet, but I'm sure it's coming (the battery at least.)

    I believe my serial falls within the range of the original bad batch to boot. I've also dropped it several times now.

    It's been very very good to me thus far, and I cannot justify an upgrade considering its performance. I'm going to continue using it until it goes out.
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    Well I just returned my Oct 03 Handspring-my camera stop working. Had no other problem. Lucky for me the replacement is a good one so far.
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    I should go check my records and see when I got my Treo.
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    I've only had mine since July 2004 but no troubles here.

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    Still as good as the day I got it in Oct. 03. I always thought I was very lucky with mine after reading so many horror stories. I still believe most were operator error.
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    Ditto here (see sig). Dropped a few times, firmware updated twice, changed to silver (GSM) faceplate. Battery takes longer to charge but still lasts more than a couple days. No hardware problems whatsoever. Keep in mind that the originals (Oct. '03)were manufactured by Handspring. This is one product where early adopters were rewarded IMO. Thank you TCers for all the useful info.
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    I'm also Oct 2003, original unit, replaced the battery recently and am back to going two days without a charge. It has been great. Mine was a Handspring upgrade from the 270, so no lock, no branding.
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    I miss my handspring. Worked great until I dropped it in a bucket of ice water. Long story.
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    I miss my original handspring treo 600. I had to have it replaced because of a screen crack.
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    I've had mine since November of 2003, and its starting to get a little worse for the wear. The digitizer is slowly getting worse and worse, and the paint is wearing thin, but other than that, it still works perfectly.
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    Still have mine original Handspring 600 from Nov. 2003. It's been great with no problems at all, that's why I haven't moved up to the 650. The thought of bugs and resets makes me very nervous being that I don't have any of that stuff going on now. The only thing is that my battery is not as strong as it used to be.
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    Still on my first Treo 600 since April 04. Never dropped, always in my case when not in use, and no issues with battery (still strong....always drain the battery down to 5% before charging), resets, screen with the unit so far. Very happy with this unit.

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