OK, this was listed in the sprint/verizon section but the only responses we got were with people who are having the same problem, 4 to be exact in a 2 day period. Anyways, I have a Kensinngton 33085 bluetooth adapter and widows XP and when I first pair the 2, dun works, and works great! Once I disconnect, everytime I try to reconnect, it says that the pairing failed. The only way to get back online via dun is to delete and repair, and then it works again until I disconnect and then I have to do the same thing over again. The laptop is in my trusted list, I don't know how to fix this, please help! Below is another person who is having the same problem...........Thanks



I picked up a Kensington USB-Bluetooth adapter yesterday and got it all working. Speed is a reasonable 83/113 kbps up/down.

My only problem is that the pairing doesn't seem to stick. The computer is listed in the Treo's 'trusted' devices so I assume the problem is on the computer side. (Windows XP)

Whenever I try to establish DUN connection I get a box on the Treo to enter the pairing code, and then on the computer a message saying a code is required. After entering the code on the computer I get a pairing failure message.

Each time I want to connect again I have to mess around with the setup wizard.

Anyone know if there's a better way?

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