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    I had an AT&T Treo 650 and started having issues with it. I called and asked for a replacement. They sent a "Cingular" branded 650 I put the sim card in it and it works ok. I am constantly running out of memory even after putting the little items I have on a SD card. I have a coworker who has the same type cingular 650 with the same apps installed and he has 6 megs free. Whats the deal? Is the a misreporting of the memory on my treo? Is there a defrag utlity to reclaim the space? My bill still is from AT&T wireless do you think they sent me an unlocked phone? How can I be sure ? thanks
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    Go into the main phone app, click on Options, Phone Info and post here the firmware and software version numbers. This will help in answering your question.
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    Hardware: A
    Software: Treo650-1.04-CNB
    Firmware: 01.05
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    Quote Originally Posted by nars
    Hardware: A
    Software: Treo650-1.04-CNB
    Firmware: 01.05
    That is the firmware for Cingular Blue (ATTWS). But you should upgrade it to the latest firmware version. do a search.
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    Ok I went here but dont see anyupdates for it. Should I look somewhere else? Thanks for the help.
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    Where can I find the firmware and directions on how to install it? thanks

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